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Body Massage In Namm Spa Dubai

Body Massage In Namm Spa Dubai Anti - Stress Back Massage (45 mins) Excellent for those who are high on stress but short on time, this massage focuses on the neck, upper back and shoulders, where most stress is accumulated. The soothing hand movements together with lavender aromatic oil blend, work into the muscle and soft tissue to relieve stress and tension. Swedish Massage (60/90 mins) This ultimate relaxing experience uses a soothing, long stroke to warm the muscle with kneading technique to release muscle tension, coupled with circular movements to increase body circulation. To enhance the experience, this massage is performed with lavender blend massag e oil. Sport Massage (60/90 mins) Therapeutic and energizing, this is excellent for those who love an invigorating massage. The massage features deep tissue kneading of the deepest layers of muscle tissue, to ease awa